COVID19 COVID-19 - Daily Stats
(Ottawa, ON, Canada)

This page contains data from the Ottawa COVID-19 Dashboard and graphs tracking the latest daily new confirmed cases & deaths, and number hospitalized from COVID-19 in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  For now the graphs are updated on a daily basis early morning each day.

You can find stats for Global, Canada, Ontario, and Quebec here.

Ottawa Dashboard

Note: Hospital bed occupied stats for COVID-19 patients includes all residents and non-residents in Ottawa hospitals.

Ottawa New Cases, Hospitalized, New Deaths

Note: Number of patients hospitalized for COVID-19 represents only Ottawa residents in Ottawa hospitals, it does not include non-residents using Ottawa hospital beds (see dashboard above for full picture).

Ottawa 7-day Rolling Average

The graph below shows the 7-day rolling average of *new* cases in Ottawa to more easily see how well the city is controlling their COVID-19 outbreak.  Green is winning, yellow is nearly there, and red needs action. It is not about the number of cases but more about the shape of the curve: whether cases are increasing, decreasing, or flat.

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