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** NOTE **: The MD5CRK project is now over! A collision was found in MD5 by some Chinese researchers using a different technique. Details can be found in their research paper here: Collisions for Hash Functions MD4, MD5, HAVAL-128 and RIPEMD. You can verify the collision with these two binary files.

md5GUI is a Graphical User Interface to monitor and control the MD5CRK client. It will show your current progress and provide benchmarking information. It can also start and stop the md5crk client. md5GUI uses almost no CPU resources so it will not slow down your md5crk production (but you can close it and the slow down your md5crk production (but you can close it and themd5crk client will continue to run).

This program works with the MD5CRK client available at:

Some great third party stats for the MD5CRK project are available here:

Screen Shots

md5GUI v0.2 Screen Shot

md5GUI v0.2 Advanced Screen Shot


This software is freeware and can be freely distributed. Use at your own risk. I take no responsibility for anything that happens to your equipment. Please keep this README file with the md5GUI executable if you are going to re-distribute it.


Click to download the latest version:

Windows Binary: md5GUI v0.2a (580 KB)

Recent History

v0.1 (May 3, 2004)
  • Initial Beta Release. You should use MD5CRK client v1.0.6 or newer with md5GUI.
v0.2 (Jun 17, 2004)
  • You should use client v1.0.7 or newer with this version of md5GUI
  • Fixed bugs that prevented "Prepare Batch", "Send DPs", "Install Service", and "Remove Service" working properly.
  • Re-arranged some items to correspond with new output from 1.0.7 client.
  • Found and fixed some minor bugs.
  • Added estimated time to complete batch which uses the average client rate and average DP distance of 2^32 to calculate. The idea for this was taken from Darkness Production's multiple monitor client:
  • Added estimated number of DPs the client will generate per day to the advanced tab. This is also based on average client rate and average DP distance.
  • Added link to MD5CRK stats page on Progress tab. You can add your web user ID to the Config tab and it will bring you directly to your individual stats page on the web site. Thanks to EvilRick for this suggestion.
  • Added support for ability to install up to 4 service clients on one machine.
v0.2a (Jun 24, 2004)
  • Fixed a bug for people in Windows who have their localization of the "Decimal Symbol" set to "," that gave a floating point error.

Darkness Productions (aka little dp)
- Idea for using estimated time to complete remaining DPs. If you want to monitor multiple clients at the same time, check out his
client monitor.


Extract the ZIP file to a directory on your machine. This can also be your MD5CRK client directory (where your md5crk.exe file resides). Start md5GUI. If your MD5CRK client is located in another directory you should click on the "Config" tab then click on the "md5crk Client Directory" folder button and select the md5crk.exe program in the correct directory. md5GUI should now be configured to look in the correct spot.

The OS/CPU information shows whatever the client can find in the Windows Registry which differs from installation to installation. Win2k/XP usually has MHz information and Win98 sometimes does. Any unknown information will show up as

You can enter text in the "
Title Bar" edit box which will display your text in the md5GUI title bar and on the system tray when you mouse-over the icon. This is useful if you have a multi-CPU or network machine and are running multiple copies of md5GUI on the same machine to easily distinguish between them. If you are running multiple copies of the MD5CRK client on the same machine, you can choose a different filename for the second client such as md5crk2.exe in order for the GUIs to be able to distinguish between the two clients in the process list of running applications and accurately inform you if they are both running or stopped.

Note: If you are using the MD5CRK client in Service mode, you can use md5GUI to start/stop the client and monitor its progress. To enable this ability, you need to check the "Client Installed as Service" checkbox in the md5GUI config tab. The components and options not available to the Service client will be disabled in the GUI.

The md5GUI program uses tray icons and when minimized it will hide in the tray. Two colours are used to show the status of the MD5CRK client. A green icon in the tray md5GUI Green Tray Icon means that everthing is OK. A red icon in the tray md5GUI Red Tray Icon means the client is NOT running. The status bar in the GUI will also become red when the MD5CRK client is not running.

Saving your Settings
When you exit md5GUI, it will write your current settings to a file
md5GUI.ini so they will be active the next time you start. You can also click on the "Save Config" button in the Config tab to save them immediately. If you decide to modify your md5GUI.ini by hand and make a mistake so the client doesn't load properly, just delete the .ini file and reload md5GUI.

MD5CRK Client Starting/Stopping
To start the MD5CRK client if it isn't already running, click on the "
Start Client" button. md5GUI will then launch the client. Once the client is running, the Start button will turn onto a Stop button If you want to stop the MD5CRK client, just click on the "Stop Client" button.

Auto Starting
If you would like the MD5CRK client to start automatically when you load md5GUI, click on the "
AutoStart md5crk Client" checkbox. The next time you load md5GUI it will automatically start the MD5CRK client if it is not already active.

Auto Stopping
If you would like the MD5CRK client to stop automatically when you exit md5GUI, click on the "
AutoStop on Close" checkbox.

Auto Stop on Battery
If you are using a laptop computer and would like the MD5CRK client to stop automatically when you go on battery power (ie: to conserve energy), click on the "
AutoStop on Battery" checkbox. When md5GUI detects you are on battery power it will shut down the MD5CRK client for you automatically. When it detects AC power again, it will automatically restart the MD5CRK Client for you.

Stop Client and GUI after X Hours
If you want the MD5CRK Client to stop running after a certain number of hours, click on the "
Stop Client and GUI after" checkbox. Fill in the amount of time (in hours) you want until the MD5CRK Client will be shut down and the GUI exits (1 to 99). When this feature is activated, a countdown timer will appear in the benchmark area "Stop Client In (D:HH:MM:SS)". When this counter reaches 0, the MD5CRK Client will be stopped and md5GUI will exit automatically.

Logging GUI Status
If you would like to log the status of the GUI (ie: benchmark & stats information) to the
md5GUI.log file, click on the "Log Status every" checkbox. Fill in the amount of time (in minutes) you want the log file to be written each time (1 to 999). A date and time stamp is provided each time the log file is written. The log file will be located in your md5GUI directory.

Use Windows Text Colour in GUI
If you are using a Windows colour scheme where it is difficult to see the data in md5GUI, you can click on the "
Use Windows Text Colour in GUI" checkbox. This will change the colour of all the data boxes to be the setting you have chosen for Windows Text in your colour scheme.


If you would like to report any bugs or contact me related to the software you can reach me via e-mail at: Jeff's E-mail Address

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