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by Jeff Gilchrist
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This page contains the infection rate information for Canada, Ontario, and the World for wave 1 (Spring/Summer 2009) of the H1N1 swine pandemic flu based on information from legitimate and official sources.  It also includes a breakdown of cases in Ontario into gender, age range, and travel history.

Canada & Ontario - Daily Infection Stats

Source:  Public Health Agency of Canada and Ontario Ministry of Health

Breakdown of Ontario Infections:

Category  # Cases Percentage
Female 1225 49%
Male 1293 51%
Youngest Age <1 N/A
Oldest Age 80 N/A
Average Age21N/A
Source:  Ontario Ministry of Health
Date:  June 19, 2009

Breakdown of Canada Infections:

Category  #Percentage
Youngest Age <1N/A
Oldest Age 80N/A
Median Age 17N/A
Cases Hospitalized 3496%
Deaths 130.2%
Most Recent Date of Onset of Illness June 14, 2009N/A
Source:  Public Health Agency of Canada
Date:  June 19, 2009

World - Daily Infection & Death Stats

Source: World Health Organization

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